Thursday, February 5, 2009

Using Voicemail Systems to Find Candidates

The Recruiters Lounge has an excellent post here about using voicemail systems to circumvent gatekeepers.

It is an excellent post. I have built entire corporate directories from voicemail systems. I would call at night with pen and paper in hand and go through the names directory one by one. Most systems allow partial entries as short as 3 letters, but don't give you results unless there are fewer than X number of names that match. Through persistence, you can go through all of the iterations and find everybody with a voicemail (and usually their extension by dialing *5 or something for more information).

At night, you can also listen to their voicemail message which will frequently include their title or department for further assistance in targeting people. This is pretty old-school recruiting, but it is worth the effort and can lead to placements (it certainly has for me).


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