Friday, March 27, 2009

Job Search Resources

I've been meaning to write a quick post about some great job search resources that I've found recently to find employment opportunities. I have written previously about using RSS feeds from Indeed and Simply Hired, which typically capture most of the jobs posted on the paid job boards, but often miss many jobs posted directly on company websites.

The best combination I've found so far is Employment Crossing. This site has the best assortment of Career & Job Opportunities. There is a monthly fee, but for people looking for work (and recruiters looking for potential clients), there is not a better resource out there. They offer a 7-Day Free Trial that gives you access to all of the different sites (recruitercrossing, hrcrossing, etc.).

This company also runs Hound which only has postings from company websites and seems to be a decent resource - I don't know how much overlap there is between the opportunities posted on the two sites.

There is great value in uncovering opportunities that are not posted on the paid job boards because they typically have less competition. This is a great resource to find those all in one place.



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