Friday, October 2, 2009

Unemployment up, but jobs still hard to fill

The BLS reported that the economy lost some 263,000 jobs last month, more than anticipated. ERE highlighted a TalentDrive survey that reported:
"Despite filtering through the online resume pandemonium ranking as a top challenge for recruiters, when asked if, once the resumes had been located, the quality of candidates met or exceeded their expectations, over half (54% of those surveyed) said yes, the quality of candidates was of the caliber they required."

I found this both surprising and unsurprising at the same time. That means that 46% of the corporate recruiters that responded to the survey are still not getting qualified candidates on their own. As an agency recruiter, I am not surprised because we know that the best talent usually has to be found and recruited.

I don't know how many hiring managers I've spoken to, however who will say "we are getting flooded with resumes, so we don't need to use recruiters." But by their own admission, they aren't getting the caliber of candidate that they want or need. This means that their jobs are staying open longer than they need to, or being filled with inferior talent. I don't know what the percentages would be in a thriving economy, but I bet it would not be terribly different. For mid- and senior-level professional positions, you need a talented recruiter (internal or external) who can go out and find the most qualified candidates for your needs...even in the worst job market in 25+ years, they aren't necessarily knocking on the door.


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