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Career Sites Revisited

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Article Title: Job Search Sites Revisited Vol I
Author Byline: CareerAlley
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Search“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. - Albert Einstein

Searching for a job (especially if you are out of work) can sometimes feel as if you are running through a maze. Submitting your resume when there have been countless resumes and too many qualified applicants is frustrating as well. So, not only is the secret to creativity knowing how to hide your sources (as Albert Einstein says above), but it also applies to your job search.

The beauty of the information provided on this website is that most of it is timeless. Advice, links to job search boards, recruiters and company career sites is fairly static (but not always). The sheer volume of data on the web regarding job search is overwhelming to say the least. So now that we've established that you can't look at everything, I can explain the purpose of today's post. This series (and the topic will alternate) is meant to provide a recap of the numerous sites related to job search without the need to do additional research.

What to look for on a Job Search Site:

  • Resume Posting: Many sites allow 1 or more resumes to be posted. Sometimes there are options to build your resume online, upload a Word doc or cut and paste your resume into their form (depending on the site).

  • Privacy: A Privacy option (which allows you to block companies) can be very useful. Blocked companies either be companies that you don’t want to work for or your current employer (the last thing you want is for your name to come up in a search by your current employer!).

  • Job Search: The job search function allows you to narrow your job search to certain criteria (varies from site to site). Some also allow you to save 1 or more searches (with a number of options). This allows you to quickly run searches for specifics (as decided by you).

  • Job Match Notification: Some sites will send an email to you with the results of your searches.

  • Other Stuff: Some sites offer career advise, resume building techniques, samples of resumes, samples of cover letters, etc. Some free, some not.

  • -Monster is one of the more popular job search sites. As with most sites today, there is a free version and a premium service. A brief overview.Resume Posting: The free service allows up to 5 resumes to be posted. You can build your resume online, upload a Word doc or cut and paste your resume into their form. Privacy: There is a Privacy option which allows you to block companies. Job Search: The job search function in Monster is very good. You can save up to 5 searches. Email notification is available.

  • - Hotjobs is another popular job search site. This one is owned by Yahoo!, so you can use your Yahoo! username/password (if you have one). A brief overview: Resume Posting: This site also allows up resumes to be posted. You can build your resume online, upload a Word doc or cut and paste your resume into their form. Privacy: There is a Privacy option which allows you to block companies. Job Search: The job search (”My Searches”) function in Hotjobs is also very good. You can save searches (can’t easily see if there is a limit). Hotjobs also allows “job alerts” which will send an email based on your criteria.

  • - Careerbuilder is one of the largest online job sites. It has in excess of 30% of jobs posted on the web. Similar to some of the other popular sites, Careerbuilder allows you to create an account, post your resume, search for jobs and receive job alerts. Additionally, there are numerous tools and advice. This is a site that should be on your list. If you haven’t visited this site yet, it should be the next on your list.

  • Jobfox - This site is different than most of the other sites I’ve reviewed. The site tries to match job seekers with potential employers. It includes a number of tools including resume tracking as well as suitability. The site presents the user with jobs that match the user’s profile (rather than the user having to do a search). This site has a unique process and should also be on your short list.

  • - is a job search engine. it aggregates jobs from websites, newspapers, company sites and other sources. As with other sites, you can create a free account which allows you to create specific searches as well as alerts. Another great resource in your job search.

  • – is a really different site. This site is about finding a seasonal job (”in some of the greatest places on Earth”). Ski resorts, National Parks, etc. This is great for summer work (college students, etc.) or working in great places for parts of the year. I’m not sure this is the right site for those looking for traditional “9-5″ jobs, but is certainly a great resource for individuals with the flexibility (or sense of adventure) to work when and where they want.

  • – Who would have thought – certainly not me. Craigslist, which is categorized by city has an impressive list of jobs. If, as an example, you look at Craigslist for NY, it lists jobs by category. Click on a category, and you are presented a list of jobs. Very well done, very easy to use and a great source for job hunting.

  • – Three easy steps to finding a listing of jobs that match your criteria. Easy interface that quickly allows you to narrow down the list of jobs. You then submit your resume and you are done. You can also add a profile with username and password.

  • – “Job search made simple” – Allows key word search or searching by category by location. Very easy to use and a very quick interface. You can search with or without joining, although there are advantages to joining (for free) as there are with most sites (saved jobs and searches).

  • – This is the official job search site for the US Government. If you are looking for a government job (numerous industry backgrounds are available), this is the site for you.

Good luck in your search.

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