Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Post - Making your Monster Resume Searchable

This was just a random thought as I was assisting a colleague in crafting some boolean searches. When you post your resume on Monster, they send you through a resume-building exercise that allows you to either upload a resume, or build one through their service. Nowadays, almost everybody has a resume to upload, so they choose that option. The kicker, however, is that Monster requires you to complete their resume-builder for your current or last position.

When I first saw this as a candidate, my first instinct was to put "see resume" or something like that, since I knew that my full resume would be searchable anyway. However, I quickly realized that because of the way Monster runs searches from the recruiter's perspective, candidates need to take a different approach.

Monster allows recruiters to search by "Most Recent Employer," "Most Recent Job Title," among other things. It pulls this information exclusively from the info you put in their resume-builder step rather than from your uploaded resume. While your full resume is searched in a general search, if a recruiter is only looking for people who were Software Engineers in their last job, they may use this search functionality. As discussed here, your resume should already have different job titles to be conducive to search, but it is absolutely essential here. If you are a Software Engineer, when asked for your last title you should put "Software Engineer, Programmer, Systems Engineer, Software Developer" and anything else that describes what you did or want to do. This information appears at the bottom of your searchable resume, so your resume, when viewed, will have the appropriate title listed first, but it will get your resume more eyeballs, which is the most important thing.

If you utilize this strategy, make sure that you include your actual title in the description. Example:

Job Title: Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Shift Supervisor
Description: As a 3rd Shift Production Supervisor for XYZ, Corporation, I oversaw....

The description put in the resume-builder should also be similarly comprehensive since that is searchable (although I don't use that search function, I'm sure others do).


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