Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Information on Informational Interviewing

The informational interview can be a powerful networking tool for all levels of professionals, and particularly for people early in their careers. There is surprisingly little information that I could find on how to use informational interviewing in your job search and career progression, so I thought I would collect some links of good information in one place.

Informational Interviewing Tutorial: A Key Networking Tool

As a recruiter, I learned early on that people generally like to talk about themselves and their work. Targeted informational interviewing can be a great source of intelligence on target companies, types of jobs (when evaluating a career progression), and just to make useful professional connections. A full disclaimer, I have never done an informational interview, which is why I'm relying on the "experts" on the internet. There are some professions (legal, for example) where this is commonplace, however, I firmly think that this is one of the most underutilized career management tools available.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Job Board Resources

This article comes courtesy of the Recruiting Blog Swap.

Article Title: The New World of Job Search Vol 2
Author Byline: CareerAlley
Author Website:


Yes, the world of job search has changed. The most dramatic change has been to job search boards (the fathers of which were and But this change was on the horizon long before the current recession. New innovations and new approaches in an already crowded field (and getting more crowded every day). Some of the mainstays have adjusted their models, look and feel to match (or try to match) some of the "new kids on the block" with limited success. If I had to pick any one characteristic that sets apart the new world sites it would be their simplicity. Rather than trying to be "all things to all job hunters", many of these sites have decided to focus on one aspect and to be outstanding at that one aspect.

Which leads us to the second in a series of reviewing job search boards. No one site does the trick as they all have some aspect that is better or different than the others. Not to say you should be reviewing or registered on the hundreds of job search boards, but you should be picking the 5-10 that best meet your needs.

Pulled from or Linked to Company Career Sites:
  • – This is a different type of job search site from what I’ve reviewed in previous posts. Rather than listing jobs from recruiters or from other search sites, pulls jobs directly from employer career pages (their tag line "Search Jobs Direct from Employer Career Pages"). However, this is not free. charges a fee (based on the length of time you subscribe). Due to the fee, I’ve not fully reviewed the site, but there is a free video you can watch on the main page of the site.
  • Job-Hunt – Job-Hunt is a free online search site which offers advice, job search news, and a comprehensive (and quite amazing) list of job search sites (categorized by location, networking, industry/profession, etc.). You could easily spend a few days leveraging the links from this site alone (and maybe you should). Unlike other search sites, it does not appear as if jobs are posted directly to Job-Hunt. Rather, it provides links to other sites which have posted jobs.
Matchmaker Search Boards:
  • – This is a free site that claims to link employers and candidates. The set-up is a 3 step process: upload your resume/cv, create your profile (I don’t recommend entering your date of birth) and create email alerts. The password is assigned to you (you will receive it in an email). You can set-up a job alert, but I’ve not been able to find out how to run it. If you try to edit the alert, you get an error. After creating an “advanced” search, specifically indicating the US and NY, it only produced jobs in York (the UK) and other UK locations. Clearly, this is a UK based search site which either needs additional work or should not show locations it can not support.
  • – Trovix, which is in beta (and is free), matches your “dream job” and your resume versus open jobs. It also looks like they are creating a social network (like LinkedIn) at the same time (but you can skip this step). When joining, the site analyzes your resume and some basic information (location and title). After analyzing your resume, the site asks you to confirm some basic information from your resume, then you complete the sign-up process. The site also lists several employers on the main page that are currently hiring. The matching seems to work well and is easy to use.
Job Search Boards by Industry:
  • Casino Careers Online – Yes, there is a job board dedicated to Casino careers and this particular one is celebrating its 10th year! The main page has job search by department (such as food and beverage) or by keyword. You can also select advanced search and add additional criteria. The right side of the page allows login for those who have registered before (or registration for first time visitors). Resume posting is permitted, and the site provides news and additional links.
  • – This job search board is focused on the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. The main page is jam packed with information and tabs and is somewhat confusing. The first set of choices (along the top tabs) are Biotech/Pharma, Medical Device/Diagnostics and Clincial Research, each of which takes you to dedicated pages (which have the same look and feel). A wealth of news, career info and additional resources is listed down the left-hand side of the page. Additional choices include Job Fairs and Career Network. Job search is also available from the main page. I could not find a link to post your resume or register, but applying for a position does take you to additional information request screens (I did not follow them all the way through).
  • – The BankingBoard focuses on Banking and Finance. Homepage has job seeker information on the left-hand side and allows login, career resources and resume posting. Featured jobs are shown down the left-hand side of the page and specific industries (such as Escrow and Real Estate) are listed in the middle of the page. The generic job search link is at the top of the page and this takes you to a traditional search page. The site is well organized and easy to follow.
  • – This site is dedicated to law enforcement. The main page lists logos for featured cities/towns recruiting for various law enforcement positions. Left-hand side of the page is divided into Police Jobs, Fire Service Jobs and Civilian Jobs. Career resource links are listed at the top of the page and specific search functions are listed on different parts of the page (such as “by State or Title” on the left-hand side and “Find a Job” on the top). Seems well organized, lots of resources, job leads and information.
Good luck in your search.

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