Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fortune 500 Job Openings (21-40)

Continuing the series after a really long break. I actually think that a new Fortune 500 list may have come out, so if there are duplicates, I'm really sorry.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aerospace Corporate Recruiting Sites

Even the juggernaut of aerospace and defense has been slowed by this recession, although there is still plenty of hiring going on. Many aerospace companies lack sophisticated recruiting infrastructures and most utilize recruiting firms for both contract and permanent openings. Getting in can be another topic all together, but many of them have locations in out of the way locations that can be particularly challenging to attract strong candidates.

Curtiss-Wright Controls
Aitech Defense Systems
L-3 Interstate Electronics
Meggitt Defense Systems
The Aerospace Corporation
Parker Hannifin
Composite Engineering
BAE Systems
Northrup Grumman
Alliant Techsystems
Elbit Systems
Cobham Defense

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Fortune 500 job search (1-20)

So you want to work at a Fortune 500 company? Here are direct links to the career search websites at the Fortune 500 companies. While many of these very large corporations will post their jobs to other sites (and most are indexed in the job aggregators), if you want to target one as a job seeker or a recruiter, I will be cataloging their job search websites as I can.

If you are an optimist, you will be able to ignore how many of these top 20 companies have either received or requested a bailout from the US Federal Government.

Without further ado...here are direct links to search for jobs at the 20 largest corporations in the United States.

1 Wal-Mart Stores
2 Exxon Mobil
3 Chevron
4 General Motors
5 ConocoPhillips
6 General Electric
7 Ford Motor
8 Citigroup
9 Bank of America Corp.
10 AT&T
11 Berkshire Hathaway
12 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
13 American International Group
14 Hewlett-Packard
15 International Business Machines
16 Valero Energy
17 Verizon Communications
18 McKesson
19 Cardinal Health
20 Goldman Sachs Group

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Corporate Career Websites

If you are either a job seeker or a recruiter, you certainly know that job posting websites (Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, Simply Hired, etc.) only ever have a fraction of the available positions. Generally, the best place to get a complete list of available positions is from corporate websites themselves (those that have them at least). But finding all of the corporations of interest and then finding their job postings is such a pain!

Keep an eye out for more of these lists...they will be linked on the sidebar.

ATS Medical
Intelect Medical
Minntech, Inc.
Stereotaxis, Inc.
St. Jude Medical
American Medical Systems
GN Resound
Boston Scientific
Nonin Medical
Tactile Systems Technology
AGA Medical
Zimmer Spine
CIBA Vision
Lumen Biomedical
Arizant Healthcare
Gyrus ACMI
Vital Images
Lifecore Biomedical
Possis Medical
Transoma Medical
Beckman Coulter
Acorn Cardiovascular
Smiths Medical
Acist Medical