Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Information on Informational Interviewing

The informational interview can be a powerful networking tool for all levels of professionals, and particularly for people early in their careers. There is surprisingly little information that I could find on how to use informational interviewing in your job search and career progression, so I thought I would collect some links of good information in one place.

Informational Interviewing Tutorial: A Key Networking Tool

As a recruiter, I learned early on that people generally like to talk about themselves and their work. Targeted informational interviewing can be a great source of intelligence on target companies, types of jobs (when evaluating a career progression), and just to make useful professional connections. A full disclaimer, I have never done an informational interview, which is why I'm relying on the "experts" on the internet. There are some professions (legal, for example) where this is commonplace, however, I firmly think that this is one of the most underutilized career management tools available.

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