Monday, January 19, 2009

RSS Job Feeds

Most job seekers are familiar by now with the job sites that aggregate postings from other sources (Indeed, SimplyHired, et. al). The benefits of these sites are clear, they provide job listings from hundreds of sites (paid like Monster and Careerbuilder, but also corporate websites and free websites). They don't get all the jobs, but they find enough of them to be a useful tool.

Where the tool becomes most interesting, however, is if you use their RSS feeds. This can be an incredibly useful tool for the job seeker, and a powerful tool for the agency recruiter. If you are already an RSS addict like me, it can fit job hunting or prospecting into your existing daily routine without having to do any extra work. Here is what you do:

1. Set up a Google Reader (or other RSS reader) account.

2. Go to Indeed and figure out a search string that effectively finds the type of positions in which you are most interested. It's important to play around with it, because you don't want a search that is too broad (you will waste time with irrelevant jobs) or too narrow.

3. At the top of the search results you will see a message "Save this search as an email job alert or RSS feed." Click the RSS link, choose Google Reader, and then watch as the jobs come in.

The main advantage of this is that the jobs will automatically come into your reader so you don't need to run the same searches over and over. This will leave you in a better position to pursue the opportunities (again, as a recruiter or a job-seeker).

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